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09/02/2011 Prime Strategy

WordBeach Nagoya 2011

WordBeachバナーOn August 27th, we attended WordBeach in Chita as a platinum sponsor.
Our president Mr. Nakamura held a 45 minute sessions and our designer Mr. Tohi was the head of a 5 minute lightning talk. Together five members of our staff attended to the booth and Ustream.
Thank you to everyone who attended the event and viewed our Ustream video.

マクラケン直子さんと弊社スタッフ WordBeach Event Summary
WordBeach in Nagoya
Saturday, August 27th, 2011
Shimaiko Mana Village (Chita)

←Our staff with Automattic’s engineer, Naoko Takano

Speeding Up WordPress on Japanese Systems

中村のセッションOur president Mr. Nakamura gave a speech on this topic.
He discussed the differences between the original and Japanese versions of WordPress and how to fix issues, how to set up your server to account for transmission speeds overseas, and the merits and demerits of removing translation or using caching to speed up your site, as well as other basics for performance tuning WordPress.

盛況なセッション会場We had so many people attend this session that they almost all could not fit in the room.

How to Use Custom Field Templates for Enterprise CMS

スポンサースピーチの様子Our designer Mr. Tohi gave a speech on this topic. He discussed how to use custom field templates, how to prevent the site layout from breaking, and the ways to make a site easier to update so that anyone could do it.
He was the head of the first lightning talk session, and while we had issues with Ustream, we had a successful turnout.

WordPress Express

WordPress Express vol.01 We have published a free paper for WordBeach and will be giving away vol.1 at Prime Strategy’s booth at WordCamp Kobe as well, so please pick up a copy.
Mr. Imura wrote a corner called “Let’s Make a WordPress Theme”.



The sea was visible from Mana Village


Attendees received a Wapuu sticker


We showcased works with slides at our booth


Our crowded sponsor booth


Mr. Omagari presenting with Naoko Takano


Ms. Nishimaki and Mr. Imura introduced us by Ustream


DigitalCube’s Mr. Ota had an interesting speech


80 people attended the afterparty


Ustream director Mr. Ueno and our Mr. Tohi

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