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Web System Development

Large Scale and Multiple Sites

Using WordPress, we can consolidate your multisite, put load balancing measures in place, or we can move your contents from an existing system.

Multisite building with WordPress

One example is TV Asahi’s blog, built using child blogs with WordPress’ multisite install. A television channel’s individual show blogs need to be updated frequently and vary in seasonal offerings and design. When a new blog is needed, you can use a child blog with a child theme and have the ability to customize while keeping the basic features needed. With this, you can create many blogs in a short period of time.

Knowledge of large-scale development

The need for such multisite systems is low, and as such, the know-how for them is underwhelming. Many problems occur when they are put into practical use. But Prime Strategy is well-acquainted with WordPress system development, and we have even translated Building Web Apps With WordPress, published by O’Reilly Japan.

Intra-site Construction

We demonstrate proficiency in the construction of closed network intra-sites built with WordPress.

Appropriate access control

We built a private site for Bridgestone that can only be viewed from inside the company. We took into consideration the user-friendliness of browsing and management with a fine-detailed display customization. And, we have appropriately handled access control of the intra-site by designing the display to change based on IP address and only have approved users browse its contents.

Support on a global scale

Even for business with locations all around the globe, you can develop a WordPress system on a public cloud using KUSANAGI as a starting point. KUSANAGI is available on many major public clouds, such as Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, and Amazon Web Systems. Plus, Prime Strategy offers 24/7 support in various locations such as Jakarta and Singapore for your large scale site, intra-site, or global intranet.

Achievements in Web System Development