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Support and Maintenance

WordPress Site Maintenance

We offer full support, from the analysis of your current site to operation and maintenance after the installation of WordPress.

Maintaining an existing WordPress site

Many development companies will take on the task of creating but not maintaining your site. This is because WordPress and its plugins are open source, and if a problem occurs outside the realm of the site layout itself, it can be difficult to find or fix the issue.
Accoring to W3Techs, in 2015 WordPress had a 60.7% share in content management systems, and that is overwhelming even for a globally standard CMS engine. Security updates are quick and numerous, but because of that, updates can cause errors in the site layouts, which is why development companies refuse to do maintenance services.
Prime Strategy will support and maintain your site even if it was created by another company. And, if you choose us to make your site, we will create a layout that responds well to updates, as well as select plugins that are compliant, so that you can operate your site without fear that WordPress updates will break it.

Media site application

There is a lot to consider when operating a media site. Every day employees and writers upload material and share the articles to be read by many. For this to go smoothly, the following things are needed:

  1. ease of updating articles
  2. editing authorization for outside writers
  3. an automated updating and sharing system
  4. ability to manage advertisements
  5. constant analysis and improvements
  6. a steady server
#5 is of particular importance. You should finely analyze your user trends and what they are viewing. Using A/B testing and other means to constantly improve is just as essential as continuing to create new content.
And #6 is the most important. The more popular a media site becomes, the more traffic they have to contend with, and having the site display efficiently is how you increase page views and keep your user base.

Do more for maintenance with fully managed service!

Ultrafast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI is optimized for media sites, and with KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service you can enjoy thorough tuning. We offer a whole-package deal that manages hardware and middlware in your operating environment, to code revisions in your themes and plugins, to SQL optimization and database reconfiguration. We will continually improve your performance.
In order to find the source of low performance, we will investigate if there is bottlenecking occuring in your server or applications, and we will remove those bottlenecks to improve your WordPress site perfomance.。
There have been cases of page views increasing 50% after performance optimization. When pages load quickly, your users will stick around and keep coming back. And with a faster Dashboard, you can focus on content creation, the most suitable environment for a media site.
For more information, visit the sites for KUSANAGI or KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service.

Achievements in Support and Maintenance