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Server Building and Hosting

Server Contract

We offer optimized server plans for dynamic web content such as WordPress.

Fully managed hosting

The norm is to commission your application from a development company and your server from a serval rental company. However, if there is an issue with either, it is difficult for the client to isolate the problem. Many have experienced being told by their development company to contact their server company, and having the server company say its an application issue.
“Fully managed services” is an often-heard term, but for the most part they are only offered for the server. With Prime Strategy, we fully manage everything from the server to your WordPress-powered application.

Existing system relocation

Businesses require various systems. If the system is LAMP-based, you can use KUSANAGI with it. We developed KUSANAGI with enterprises in mind. You can easily change your operating environment with KUSANAGI exclusive commands. You can opt to use an accelerated KUSANAGI server with your old system before making the switch to a new WordPress system.
This is a viable option for high traffic sites, but if you have a lower traffic count and wish to test-drive KUSANAGI, you can try it for free on most major public cloud services.

Achievements in Server Building and Hosting