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CMS Construction

Corporate Sites

We propose using the strengths of WordPress to create a site that is easy to update and optimized for SEO and social media.

What corporate sites are looking for

Unlike media or e-commerce sites that have goals relatively difficult to obtain, corporate site renewals generally wish to update old designs and re-hash the content that is already available, like corporate information and services. In some cases, even with the installation of WordPress, new designs are meaningless without customers to view them, and once the contents are renewed they may never be updated again.

In our consultations about corporate sites, we have heard the following issues:

  • WordPress was installed but isn’t used for anything other than posting news updates
  • When trying to add anything to the layout it becomes broken and a design team is called in, costing money
  • As the product list grows, the search results display much slower and customers voice complaints
  • There are separate sites for PC and smartphone display, doubling costs and time to update both

With corporate sites, it is extremely important to understand why WordPress should be installed in the first place, and how to realize its full potential. For this, there is a need to have an abundance of experience, achievements, knowledge and technical skill related to WordPress sites.

It is easy to assume that all a corporate site needs is the latest news and a contact form, but the current trend is to include other contents such as investor relations and recruit information. For recruiting, a smartphone site is necessary, and there is also a particular need for contents showcasing business research and opinion pieces.

Expanding in-company content

WordPress excels at simple user authorization configuration and the ability to control whether something is displayed or hidden. You can use it as a company-only communication tool, or allow employees on business trips to view hidden content or show it to perspective clients.

Making updating easier

In many cases, after the initial site renewal, the PR manager commissions an employee with strong IT skills, or even pays for an external company to update and edit content. But with WordPress’ powerful content management screen, even the general affairs manager can create content as easily as if they were using Microsoft Word. And, Prime Strategy customizes that management screen even further, making it a much more adequate creating environment.

Media Sites

With an optimized management screen that allows multiple articles to be published, and a highly scalable system design, you are supported from day one.

The knowledge applied to Mynavi Woman

A lot of know-how is required to build and operate a media site. You will not surpass 100 million page views just by creating the site. Prime Strategy has a wealth of site creation and server operating skill, as demonstrated with Mynavi Woman. The longer you operate a media site, the more problems occur, and the more knowledge you need to develop. With WordPress you can fulfill your needs.

Media sites are not appearances only

Media sites increase page views by updating content daily. But you can’t update daily using just normal company resources. This is why businesses opt to hire a writer from an external source. However, with WordPress’ authorization settings, once you have published something it is difficult to change those settings. When you use an outside writer, once you have given them authorization they will retain it. They can revise or hide the content at will. There is the option to disallow revisions but this is a stance that is difficult for a media site to take. For the customization of a media site, Prime Strategy’s knowledge in the field will take care of things.

The importance of the media site server

For a media site, page views are the be-all end-all. If every time Yahoo! updated its top page it experienced downtime, it would inevitably affect the ad revenue. And even if page views aren’t an issue, a media site that relies on thumbnails to attract attention on the top page would experience a decrease in users if those images cause the page to load too slowly. The importance of a media site’s server is very high, and it is something that is constantly on the minds of the most famous sites.
Prime Strategy can solve these issues in one stroke with the Ultrafast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI. It is the world’s fastest WordPress execution environment, processing commands in 3 milliseconds and handling 1000 user requests per second without page caching. With KUSANAGI, media sites can be displayed stress-free. And with KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service, you can focus on the operation of your site without worrying about server load or access issues.
For more information, visit the sites for KUSANAGI or KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service.

Achievements in CMS Construction with WordPress