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Recruiting Information

We are a cloud integrator who resolves issues with cloud computing both domestically in Japan and globally starting with Tokyo, New York, Singapore, and Jakarta!

We developed the Ultrafast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI, which is available on most major public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We also offer KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service, a whole-package deal that manages, operates, and improves your site from server to WordPress itself. This is the next step in showing the world our abilities as a cloud integrator.

In September, 2016, we will move to a new office building that houses leading global businesses. We are currently recruiting to further strengthen our company and expand even further.


――Learn world-class techniques――

Our company has internationally recognized skills and more than 30% of our employees are accomplished technical experts. They have published Japan’s only WordPress guide with the global technical leaders O’Reilly, and presented at many top IT events in the country. Even our inexperienced members can acquire unique experiences in a high-level environment and expand their abilities. Also, there are many opportunities to work with the experts in every cloud platform company, so you can learn cutting-edge techniques and gain the knowledge to upgrade yourself as a technical expert.

――Acquire advanced business skills――

We employ engineers from web design and HTML coding backgrounds. We also have staff members who started on front end, then became server infrastructure pros. And our engineers also negotiate sales with customers. Using this kind of job rotation, you can acquire broad knowledge and business strengths. Plus, our customers include many global leaders, so you have the chance to work with industry authorities and increase your business know-how naturally.

――Contribute to the community――

One of our missions is to remove the gap between the practices of vendors and the expectations of users. We strive to contribute positively to our business, our community, and our users, and the industry of cloud integration itself. In March 2016 we began the KUSANAGI Ready Project, which was created to examine and verify WordPress themes and plugins to adhere to a set standard.

Employee Information

Company Representatives


Kengyu Nakamura
Waseda University, Faculty of Law

Born in 1971 in Tochigi prefecture. Programming experience of 30 years starting in middle school. After graduating from the faculty of law at Waseda University, he joined Nomura Securities. Certified public accountant. Founded Prime Strategy in 2002 and became president. Spread the company to Asia with the foundation of PT. Prime Strategy Indonesia in 2005. He has contributed to many writings, such as WordPress Textbook (published by SB Creative), WordPress: a Detailed Explanation and WordPress Web Application Development (published by O’Reilly).

Staff Interviews


An amazing chance is at your side

Cloud Integration Dept., Sales Engineer
Yoshihiro Oshima
Joined 2004
Niigata University, Department of Economics

New arrivals to this company may think our current situation with our clients has always been this way. When I joined 12 years ago, it was the first year of the company. I thought how I wanted to take part in building a company from the bottom in a new venture. At the time our clients were massage parlors and nearby doctors. Now, even though our company has only 30 staff, we have routine talks about development with Japanese and world leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM, which is unbelievable to me. Even so, I still believe that my company’s progress is my progress. “Perseverance makes you stronger”: it’s important to continuing challenging yourself without giving up.


Work with people who have achieved so much

Cloud Integration Dept., Web Engineer
Kouhei Hasebe
Joined 2015
Rikkyo University, Department of Physics

When I was searching for a job, I thought about how I wanted to have a broad knowledge from front end to server, and there wasn’t a company that offered that opportunity more than this one. And I could see that the staff had the skills to fine-tine from every perspective. My first though when I joined was “everyone is high level”. A lot of staff have experiences writing books on WordPress and IT so their very thought process and answers to my questions were very informative. I don’t believe there is another environment that makes you want to grow as a person as this one.

Job Description

Sales engineer
Offer business solutions using our self-developed Ultrafast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI.

Web engineer
Plan and create web systems with PHP and MySQL and build servers.

Server engineer
Develop Ultrafast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI and maintain infrastructures.

Web director
Plan projects, define requirements, design, manage development, and negotiate with customers.

Be proactive and write books in the field or present at events and hands-on seminars!

Application Requirements

◎Graduate of university or technical school
◎Development experience using PHP or other programming language
※Feel free to apply with little or no experience!

Preferred Skills
◎Web system development experience
◎Front end development experience
◎Planning, project management, or sales experience
●Have an honest and flexible attitude and way of thinking
●Be willing to face challenges and learn independently
●Have an interest in cutting-edge technology
●Desire to work with people with top-class ability
●Be able to accomplish high goals with continued effort
●Think logically and objectively

Recruiting Steps

1. Use the recruitment form below at any time

2. Document screening
Qualified people will be informed within 10 days

3. First interview (with the recruitment staff)
Within 1-2 weeks. It will be a one-on-one interview with the recruitment staff.
If you pass, you will be informed within 10 days.

4. Second interview (with executive staff)
Within 1-2 weeks. It will be a one-on-one interview with the executive staff.

5. Tentative offer

Employment Conditions, Compensation, and Benefits

Employment status

Full-time staff

Work Location

Otemachi 21 Bldg. 5F, 1-4-1 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
Closest station: Tokyo Metro Otemachi station
※From Marunouchi line, take exit A1 (4 min.)
※From all other lines, take exit C2b (4 min.)

We will move in September, 2016
Otemachi First Square East Tower 18F, 1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
※Tokyo Metro Otemachi station, exit C8, C11, or C12
※JR line Tokyo station tunnel

We also have locations in New York, Singapore, and Jakarta.
(You will not be dispatched abroad unless you want to)

Working Hours

9:00~18:15 (total 8 hours, 75 min. break)

Time Off

At least 100 days a years
Saturday and Sunday off, with New Year’s vacation, paid vacation, and bereavement leave
※Good attendance record will grant you special leave


210,000~500,000 yen a month (includes sales, skill, executive and holiday allowances)
※Will take into consideration experience, knowledge, and previous salary
※There is a 3-month trial period (no difference in salary or compensation)

Other Allowances

Transportation allowance (actual expenses, up to 30,000 yen a month), overtime, and midnight work allowance

Salary Increase/Revision

April and October (based on performance)


June and December (based on performance)


Health insurance, employment insurance, pension, and workman’s compensation

Education and Training

You can receive free training in business etiquette and management (outsourced to SMBC)

Qualification Acquisition

We pay the exam fees for the following accreditation exams: PHP, Linux, AWS, MySQL, Microsoft Azure

Book Budget

We will buy any technical books you may need

Application Form

Please fill out the form to apply.

Phone Number*
Acadamic History*
Job History*
Reason for Applying*