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WordPress Textbook



  1. Master the basic techniques needed to create an efficient website from start to finish.
  2. Using a sample template designed for the book, learn just by following the steps.
  3. The sample template has the features needed for real business sites, so once you are finished you can put your skills to use with various WordPress sites.

The site you will create:

With just one book you will create a working business site and learn the basics needed to craft a CMS site using WordPress.

WordPress Textbook 2



  1. Make a practical business site that is designed to be mobile compatible.
  2. Learn how to update and manage pages with a specialized Dashboard.
  3. You will learn the basics of creating mobile displays with responsive web design.

The sites you will create:

With this book you will create a main site and a blog site. For the mobile versions, you can choose between device theme switching or responsive web design.

Asia-Pacific Travel Agency

You will create a PC site and a mobile site, and enable device switching to change the theme accordingly.

Working In Jakarta Blog

The blog site uses responsive web design. You will create the child theme “Jakarta” to prepare the site for multiple devices.


Other Works

WordPress Design Methods

Authors: Hitoshi Omagari, Makito Tohi, Chieko Aihara, and 8 others, WP-D editor

Publisher: MdN Corporation

Release Date: October 2013

Price: 2,800 yen (without tax)

WordPress Best Plugins Encyclopedia

Authors: Hitoshi Omagari, Yoshihiro Oshima, Chieko Aihara, and 14 others, WP-D editor

Publisher: MdN Corporation

Release Date: March 2013

Price: 2,200 yen (without tax)

Design Speed-Learning WordPress 3.x

Authors: Hitoshi Omagari and 2 others

Publisher: Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.

Release Date: March 2012

Price: 2,680 yen (without tax)